This is Navalny

‘This is Navalny’ is a year long photoproject following Alexey Navalny’s insurgent campaign. Navalny, a lawyer and an anti-corruption activist, announced his bid to participate in March 2018 Russian presidential election in late 2016. For more than a year he campaigned across Russia trying to force Kremlin into letting him be in the ballot against Vladimir Putin despite trumped embezzlement accusations and a special bill outlawing those convicted from running.

Navalny’s campaign accumulated almost 200,000 volunteers, got almost $4 millions in small donations and opened 84 local headquarters, his investigative movie on prime minister Dmitry Medvedev been watched 25 millions times, all results prevueusly unseen in the history of Russian grass root campaigning. Navalny criss-crossed Russia twice, staging dozens of record-attending rallies from Murmansk to Vladivostok. He was attacked with green liquid and acid, partially losing sight in one eye. His campaign became a turning point for tens of thousands of young people who for the first time in a generation became engaged in politics and participated in permitted and unpermitted rallies in hundreds of Russian cities and towns.

Given the costs and lack of major independent media in Russia, the project was funded by Navalny’s campaign under the terms of providing total access and zero involvement in editing and publishing.

On December 26th, Alexei Navalny was banned from participating in elections. He announced a ‘voters strike’ and sued the Election Commission.

This story was published in the first issue of SVOY magazin. Available for order here.