Evgeny Feldman (Евгений Фельдман) is a Russian photojournalist based in Moscow. He's currently freelancing, working for different independent outlets in Russia as well as many major media from abroad, such as Svenska Dagbladet, CNN, Associated Press, Mashable and others.

Born on February 24th, 1991, he graduated from psychology department of Moscow State University. In 2010 he started his job as a photographer at Novaya Gazeta newspaper.

Since then he covered protests in Moscow and country's regions, trials of the opposition leaders and activists, flood aftermath in a city of Krymsk and of Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris as well as Pulse gay club shooting in Orlando, Maidan revolution in Kiev, Crimea annexation and the war in Donbass. He covered US 2016 presidential primaries and elections. Feldman is now covering Russian and European news stories.

In 2014 he released a photo book Apart on Ukrainian revolution & war that established a record-high numbers in the history of Russian crowdfunding and the circulataion of 1,500 copies was sold out in a few months. In 2015 renewed edition of Apart was published in Kiev.

In 2015 he published two longterm photo projects, Moscow Military Glamour and The Village That Banned Wikipedia.

In 2017, he published his second album, Supertuesday and The Other Days Of The Week that was photographed throughout the previous year in the US and intertwines America's daily life and the 2016 presidential elections. He also published an album Spartak, the Champions that tells a story of Moscow football team getting its first championship gold in 16 years.