Apart. Story of Ukrainian Revolution & war


In 2014 I've published a photo book 'Apart' on Ukrainian revolution & war that I witnessed for almost a year and a half. It was published after a successful crowdfunding campaign that established a new record in book category in the history of crowdfunding in Russia, almost 900 copies were ordered in a 5 weeks. It was later republished in Kiev, Ukraine.

The album is sold out. Here we fully publish a 3.0 version designed in 2018.

Feldman’s photos chart the development of Maidan: the hopes of the crowds of ordinary Ukrainians and the shocking violence which intensified as the protests came to a head and the spiral further into the abyss, from the early days when the proclamation of the Donetsk People’s Republic was almost comical, through the shock of each new escalation: the first deaths, the first appearance of heavy weaponry, and unthinkable descent into full-scale war in just a matter of months
— Shaun Walker, Moscow correspondent, The Guardian