Supertuesday and The Rest Of The Week

My second book was published independently in 2017 after another successful crowdfunding campaign. It represents a turnaround year in modern US history, focusing on both 2016 presidential campaign upset win by Donald Trump and daily lives of ordinary citizens. It shows 8 cities in 8 states from Iowa in January'16 to Washington, D.C. in January'17 and from New York to San Francisco or Abilene, Texas to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The book also features my pieces on the state of the presidential race that were made throughout the year.

Feldman shoots a movie. Not a road movie or a comedy, not a noir movie, but he photographs all of that together at the same time. He balances in between of genres and that gives him an edge both as a reporter and as an artist and as a person who has something to say and who is used to process what’s going on around him. Feldman thinks. Feldman speaks. Feldman photographs.
— Oleg Kashin, journalist and writer